Courtney H


Congratulations to another one of our beautiful Sylvie Brides, Courtney! Nic proposed to her at their favorite spot in Piedmont Park, in Atlanta, Georgia. We are so happy for you, Courtney and Nic!

How They Met

We met through mutual friends. I was classmates with Nic’s roommate at Georgia Tech, where we were both getting our Master’s Degree in Business Administration. (Nic was also getting his MBA at University of Georgia). Nic’s roommate always invited Nic to our social events; at every event we saw each other, chatted, and enjoyed each other’s company. Another friend from our program invited Nic and his roommate to a dinner, and the third time was the charm…I got his number and the rest is history!

Only a few weeks into dating, we both knew we would be together forever. We had just had an amazing weekend at my family’s lake house and left to watch Nic play hockey. Nic has been playing hockey since he was seven and is extremely talented, but I had never seen him play. Before the game, Nic took me ice skating on the rink where we both helped his four-year-old niece ice skate. Nic held her hand and let her skate in between his legs while pushing her. He was so patient with her. When he skated with me, he held my hands and skated backward. I couldn’t believe what a great skater he was! Nic dominated his hockey game, scoring a goal –even though he plays defensive— and was easily the fastest skater on the team. After the game, I jokingly asked him if he would marry me and he said yes. Later we laughed and agreed that neither of us were joking that day.

The Proposal

Nic proposed at one of our favorite spots at Piedmont Park. We’d spent a lot of time at the park and that was where our love for each other blossomed. I was completely surprised! It was a warm day in Atlanta, and it was not out of the norm for us to walk around the park on a Saturday. He dropped to his knee and of course I said yes!

The Ring

My engagement ring is the S1199 with a cushion-cut halo and princess-cut diamond. I chose this setting because I fell in love with the halo and I wanted one with bigger diamonds than most other halo engagement rings. I also liked the soft edges of the halo. Another big selling point was the thin band with diamonds down the sides. I wanted the ring to mostly be diamonds and that is exactly what I got!

The setting/ring really jumped out at me and made my jaw drop. When I looked at myself in the mirror wearing the ring, I knew it was the one I wanted. All of the settings I tried on and liked were all Sylvie! I love the styles and vast selection, and I especially love how much my ring sparkles!

Congratulations Courtney and Nic, we wish you all the love and happiness going forward!

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