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Let’s all give a cheer for our Sylvie Bride, Ashley! She and Jeff got engaged right after Thanksgiving, a perfect way to kick off the holiday season for sure!

How They Met

Jeff and I met online when I was a senior in college. We decided to give online dating a chance, and I truthfully have no clue how our profiles crossed paths since I was in Fredonia, NY (near Buffalo), and Jeff was in Syracuse. Both of us had our settings set to where we could search a 20-30 mile radius only and Fredonia and Syracuse are a whole heck of a lot farther away than that. We started texting each other all day every day and the rest is history!


As soon as Jeff pulled into the driveway of my house and we locked eyes, I had the overwhelming feeling that he was “the one.” This was our first time ever meeting, so I was nervous beyond belief; but as soon as we met, I felt comfortable and we talked for hours about anything and everything. I bawled like a baby when he had to go back to Syracuse, which was reassurance to me that this relationship was something special.

The Proposal

It was right after Thanksgiving, and I immediately began decorating for Christmas (yes, I am that person!).  After we set up all the decorations, we have a tradition of taking a picture in front of the tree with our cats, Batman and Finley. This year, Jeff was the one to suggest taking the picture which took me by surprise because normally I’m the one to bring it up! He wanted to take the picture in the morning but I thought otherwise because we wouldn’t be able to see the lights on the tree during the day. I had suggested that we wait until it gets dark to get the best effect for the picture. We went about our day and ran errands and Jeff seemed like his normal, goofy self so I wasn’t expecting anything.

When we got home, I freshened up and Jeff made sure that the tree and tree skirt was all into place. We didn’t have anyone to take our picture, so we typically set one of our phones up to video record us and we just screenshot the images that we like. Once the phone was set up, we each grabbed one of the cats and held them for a minute before putting them back down. All I remember after that was Jeff saying, “just one more thing” and I turned around to see what he was talking about. Before I could make any sense of what was happening, Jeff was down on one knee. He had the most beautiful speech and the most perfect ring for such an amazing moment. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect proposal!

The Ring

We chose the Delicate Solitaire Engagement Ring (S1497). I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted and as soon as I tried this ring on, I immediately fell in love and knew that this was the ring I wanted to wear for the rest of my life. I have long, skinny fingers so I knew that I wanted a band that wasn’t too overpowering, yet still elegant. This ring exceeded all my expectations for an engagement ring!

When I saw the Sylvie Collection display at the jewelry store, I loved how elegant and eye-catching all of the rings were. I immediately sat down in front of the display and found at least 5 different rings to try on in no time. I had an image in my mind (as well as on my Pinterest Board) of all the different styles I thought I would like. Sylvie had all those styles and more which made engagement-ring shopping so much more enjoyable! There were many different rings to choose from and I loved how they were all so different from one another, like they each had their own story to tell.

I absolutely love the sparkle of my engagement ring! I’ve even caught myself staring at my ring so many times without even realizing what I was doing! No matter the lighting, my ring always makes a sparkling statement, and I’m so proud that I get to wear this Sylvie collection ring for the rest of my life!

Congratulations, Ashley and Jeff! We wish you the best and we’re so glad that Sylvie Collection could help make your engagement special!

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