A designer whose dedicated to perfection is unmatched, and who knows her designs just as well as the brides who wear them. A woman whose vision has transformed the bridal industry and set the standard for affordable luxury. A jewelry collection created by a woman, for a woman – that exceeds expectations, and encompasses what an engagement ring should be. Sylvie celebrates love and romance in all her designs, and now she wishes to celebrate you, a Sylvie Bride, because you said “yes” to Sylvie, to love, to happiness, and to life.

She Said Yes is a community created for Sylvie Brides to share their love story with the world. An all-in-one go to bridal community, She Said Yes lets you build a profile, find the perfect engagement ring, and score advice and tips on dating, proposing, wedding planning, and so much more! Chat with fellow Sylvie Brides and swap stories, photos, and tips; browse our Instagram for engagement ring inspiration and find your #SomethingSylvie. Most importantly, tell us why you said “yes”, and help us create a community of strong, empowered, and beautiful Sylvie Brides.

We want She Said yes to be a positive and touching experience for all our brides, viewers, and readers, by showing you why a Sylvie Bride is more than just a bride—she is a woman who knows herself and knows how to love, and so much more.

Thank you for being part of She Said Yes, let’s start this journey together.