How To Tell If He’s About To Propose

Ladies, ladies, ladies… Has your man been acting out of the ordinary lately? Maybe a little nicer than usual? Is he making secret phone calls, talking excessively about the future with you, acting nervous, saving up, subtly asking you to take a leave from work and go on some exotic vacation?Even helping you with chores or acting all nervous when caught red-handed on the phone? Your first instinct might be that he is cheating on your with someone else, but that isn’t always the case. Most guys depict similar symptoms when they are about to pop the big question. Yes, he is going to ask you to be his lawfully wedded wife. Don’t believe us? Here are 8 signs that he is going to propose!

Your Partner is insisting on going on a trip together

The most common way of proposing involves taking a partner on a vacation. So if your video-game addicted boyfriend has just shown an interest in going on a vacation together, know that something fishy is going on. Furthermore, if he is the one taking control of it such as making hotel reservations, or planning the itinerary, he is definitely going to propose, so do pack some photo worthy (and sensual) clothing choices.

He is talking about the Future

This may seem weird depending on the age of your partner, as most guys try to get out of such questions. However, if he is keen on knowing how many kids you would like to have, where youwould like to live or what your idea of the perfect husband is, chances are, he wants to propose. Extra hint * If he starts asking about your extended family he wants to propose.

Everyone starts bringing you spa vouchers

Especially for a discounted manicure package, but your hands look fine.Besides, you just got one last month and didn’t plan on going again for a while. But no, everyone from your friends to your siblings are insisting that you get one ASAP! Hmmm…

He goes shopping but doesn’t bring anything back:

So you want to go out for the movies but he cancels the plan saying he has some shopping to do that you can’t assist him with. But when he comes back home, there’s not a single shopping bag in sight. When you inquire, he says that he left at a friend’s place or didn’t find what he was looking for. Days pass and those shopping bags never arrive. Yep, he just went engagement ring shopping and didn’t tell you!

He seeks help from your besties

He’s been looking to your squad to perform recon on you. After all, this is the easiest way to get information about the kind of engagement ring you would want. So if you notice that one of your close friends who isn’t married or engaged has started probing questions about the kind of jewelry you like (rings in particular) it might be a sign that you will soon be getting engaged.

He Gains a Sudden Interest in Jewelry

If he is the kind of a man who makes you laugh with his funny faces and jokes most of the time and all of a sudden,he has started talking about something as serious as “what kind of jewelry you like”, “what metal you prefer” or “what is your birthstone” etc., take the hint. If you succeed in reading his mind and come to know of his plan, don’t pop his bubble! If he wishes to keep it discreet and surprise you, let him do it!

Your ring goes missing

You are getting ready to go to a cocktail event and decided to wear your grandma’s vintage ring to go with your outfit. You look for it in the jewelry box as you remember putting it there a few nights back and all of a sudden, it isn’t there! After surviving a mini heart attack, you gather up the courage to tell you boyfriend that your ring has been stolen and that you should report it to the police. But instead of complying with that decision, he suggests otherwise and tells you to wear something else. Extra hint * When one of your closest girlfriends suddenly asks to borrow a ring! Sound fishy? It probably is!

You catch him spying Your PINTEREST Board

If you have a Pinterest board dedicated to modern or vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands and you find him surveying through it not just once but multiple times, know that something is up. Why else would he be looking at your engagement ring board specifically if he wasn’t to propose and browsing through the styles you like?

If your partner is showing any of these signs, you may want to prepare for an unforgettable day because that proposal is right around the corner!

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