The Not-To-Shabby Ways to Tell Him it’s Time to Propose

This may not come as a surprise to many that men can play dumb especially when it’s time for him to propose. They will completely miss the signs, forget the most important of days and fail to notice things that are placed right in front of them. But men are men and this forgetfulness has long been associated with them. A woman, on the other hand, forgets nothing – even things that she should. Maybe that is what makes them so compatible with each other. Not to hate on men, but when they forget important stuff women must get their attention some way, right?

The same oblivion is experienced when women try to hint that they are ready to settle down.  These allusions often go unnoticed. Alas! If only we had lived in an ideal world where it wouldn’t seem awkward talking openly about a topic with your partner! But since we don’t, here are some subtle ways or as we like to call them, not to shabby ways to remind him that you are all up for the transition from a girlfriend to a wife.

 6 Ways to Make Him Propose

When the ultimate goal is to get him to propose, these 6 ways will hopefully get his brain to understand what is being asked without feeling too pressured. Who knows, he might even think of them as an omen telling him to tie the knot for good. Whatever you do just make sure to inject the idea subtly. Or else, it might cause him to panic and flip out.

1. Take him as your plus-one to every wedding you attend:

Weddings can serve for great conversation starters for couples who aren’t even thinking about marrying. An interested woman can seize this opportunity and ask her partner “How would he feel about getting married?”, “Would he have done something differently if he were in place of the groom?”, “What an ideal marriage looks to him?”, “Does he even think about marrying any time soon?” etc.

It is the perfect setting to investigate all such questions which will allow the lady to evaluate what his take on the notion of marriage is. Since it is the perfect backdrop for such questions, you can’t be blamed for putting it in his head either.

2. Admire or Hangout with Married Friends

If there aren’t any upcoming weddings on the calendar, another subtle way to get his attention is to start hanging out with married friends. Even when you’re not with them, occasionally bring up the topic of how happy they looked together and how marriage has changed them for good. Talk about the perks of sharing the same surname and the many good things that can be learned from the married couple.

3. Deliberately Watch Marriage Themed Shows/Movies Together

Is your partner not a fan of going out? Does he prefer Netflix and Chill with you, a good movie and a glass of wine? Well, make the most of this opportunity and pick out a wedding-themed movie to watch while cuddling together.  Movies like Maid of Honor, My Best Friend’s Wedding, 27 Dresses, Wedding Planner and Runaway Bride etc. These should do the trick.

4. Place a Ring Ad from a Catalogue Conveniently Around Him

Do you subscribe to lifestyle magazines? We can guarantee you will find at least one jewelry advertisement in it. Strategically place the ad for him to notice by either folding the corner or just randomly leaving that specific page open where he normally places his own things. (bedside table, coffee table, kitchen counter, keys hall table etc.) If you get caught, just act naïve and make up an excuse for leaving it there unintentionally. If he noticed the ad, there is a possibility that he might start thinking about getting one.

5. Become Best Friends with His Family

This means attending all their important events, going shopping with your future Mil, sharing a spa voucher with his sister, helping his younger brother with his studies etc. All these acts will make you the perfect daughter-in-law prospect. Who knows, you didn’t even have to place any subtle hints and this family will begin telling him to propose to you.

6. Get His Friends On Board to Root for You

If he isn’t a very family-oriented person, make sure you are loved by all of his friends and office colleagues. They will do the same for you if they think that no party is complete without you in it. The idea of losing you might urge them to convince him to make it official and propose.

Oh, and when finally he does take the hint and propose, all you need to do is act surprised as if you had nothing to do with it and that it was his own genius idea! Viola!

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