How to Look Chic for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Congratulations, you just got engaged! So, your man finally gathered the guts to get down on one knee and pop the “Will you marry me?” question. We are positive you must have already phoned/texted your family and close friends, put up pictures of the heart-warming proposal and received a lot of congratulatory messages. We are also positive that the bride-to-be must have already started looking at bridal gowns.But we feel she shouldn’t be looking at one –at least not before she decides what she is going to wear for her engagement photoshoot.

For many, thinking about what to wear for your engagement photo shoot is a lot trickier than picking a white dress. As compared to the wedding, one has very little time to think about an outfit, the right accessories to go with it, get a wedding photographer on board, pick a location, send out invitation cards, and more for everyone to gloat at! If you are one of those which are on the fence regarding what to wear and what tips to take note of to make your engagement photoshoot a classier one, here are some piece of advice from the experts.

Make Your Engagement Ring Your Photo Shoot’s Focus:

We totally understand that you must be feeling over the moon after being recently engaged. Why let anything overshadow the reason? Ensure that your diamond engagement ring is the center of attention. It must be shown off prominently in all the pictures you plan to keep. After all, it is the reason that brought you two lovebirds together, isn’t it? (photo via Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry, ring by The Sylvie Collection)

Wear Something You Both Feel Comfortable In:

Talking about your dress, be sure to wear something you feel most comfortable in. Why? It’s because the photo shoot will involve a lot of awkward posing that might require you to stand, sit or move around in difficult poses. Too heavy a dress and it will make chafing poses difficult, to light and it will keep flowing with the wind, ruining your engagement photoshoot if it is a windy day.

Inject Your Own Personality:

You don’t have to come off as very theatrical with your poses just because they are going to be sent to everyone and will be posted on all your social networking platforms. Your engagement photo shoot must focus on you two, the real you who people know about. Try infusing your own personality in your engagement photos so that all those who know you can actually relate to them. If you two are outgoing and social, make sure your photoshoot the same.

Dress Alike –Not Same, But On A Similar Scale:

Whether you accept it or not, it is going to look awkward if your husband-to-be comes wearing a casual shirt with sneakers and you come all dolled up in a glittery cocktail dress with high heels. Have a detailed conversation about your outfits with your partner and take suggestions from your photographer if you both can’t reach a consensus.

Your Dress Should Accentuate Your Body Type:

And also your skin tone! It shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight that it looks like you are gasping for air. Also, don’t opt for colors that don’t look good on you as photos can just only be edited, not completed altered.

Show Off Your Best Features:

It is important that your engagement photo shoot focuses on your best assets. If you have a smile that melts hearts, let it be the star in the photo.If good hair is your best feature, ensure that the photo shows that off perfectly. Have toned arms? Go with a strapless dress. You get the idea, right?


Don’t Go Too High Or Low On Makeup:

Consistency should be the key. Neither do you want to look too dolled up nor like you just woke up and washed your face before coming for your engagement photoshoot. A little makeup that doesn’t really show and only conceals your flaws would be ideal.


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