5 Unforgettable Backdrops for an Autumn Proposal

Finally, autumn is here. Leaves turn from an evergreen shade to a sea of red, orange, and brown; the chilly weather calls for fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, and a going fireplace. Fall is full of change, so why not make a change in your life and plan a proposal? Perhaps now is the perfect time for a romantic proposal to your significant other.
If you’re thinking about proposing to your special someone this autumn, remember that location is key! There are many natural fall backdrops that can make your proposal a day you and your S.O. will never forget!

At a Winery

Fall is harvest season, which presents a perfect time to visit a local winery! Not only will the wine taste to perfection, but there will also be a sea of warm fall colors as your scenery. Bring along a picnic basket to enjoy throughout the day in addition to tasting some fine wine.
Once your picnic finishes, take a stroll to a more private setting. When you arrive at the perfect spot, it’ll be time to get down on one knee, express your love, and of course pop the question. The setting’s overwhelming beauty combined with your proposal will leave your partner breathless, but not too breathless to say “yes!”

On a Hayride

Hayrides are quite common during fall season and easy to arrange for you and your future fiancée. It’s also a perfect opportunity to cuddle up with your partner during the ride if it’s chillier than usual. Plan in advance to have a designated stop along the hayride, and there you can pop the question!

Inside a Pumpkin/Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are most likely the first thing that comes to mind when we think of autumn. They also make a gorgeous autumn backdrop for a proposal. You can be traditional and just ask “will you marry me”, or be more creative and carve the question into a pumpkin. Maybe you’ll hide the engagement ring in a pumpkin too– the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can always go pumpkin hunting afterwards!

In An Apple Orchard

An apple orchard during the fall season makes for a stunning natural backdrop. The rich colors and shine of juicy, plump apples can create an incredible setting and picture-perfect moment. Before you arrive, be sure to check with the owner to see if they can provide fresh apple cider upon your arrival. Many orchards do this so you can drop the diamond engagement ring in her glass! As she sips the delicious beverage, a surprise will wait her at the very end! Once she discovers it, that is when you should get down on one knee and propose! If you need help with your proposal, here are some pointers.

On the Football Field

Is your significant other a die-hard sports fan? If yes, than what better place to propose than on a football field during halftime? All you have to do is contact the event coordinator. From there, you can arrange for a mic, and a “will you marry me?” banner. This will totally catch your partner by surprise and make an unforgettable moment for you both and everyone in the stadium!

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