How to Pick an Engagement Ring Based on Her Personality

Looking to make the big move? Yes… Have your proposal speech ready? Yes… Booked the perfect location? Yes… Bought the ring? Yes… Made sure the ring matches her personality? Ye— Wait what? Her personality? It might sound strange, considering your bride’s personality when choosing an engagement ring. However, it’s undoubtedly an important and often overlooked factor.. Her personality can serve as the biggest hint as to what she might like. With so many different cuts, shapes, sizes, designs and gemstones available, it only makes sense to pick something that she’ll fall head-over-heels in love with.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you!

While everyone’s personality isn’t solely one “type”, each person possesses a few traits that overpower their other qualities, which might help you easily categorize them as a romantic or traditionalist, for example. There are more or less than 8 different types of girls. You must have already noticed certain things that make her stand out from the crowd. These are the things that makes her; her. Things that remind you of why you fell in love with her in the first place. Perhaps it was the way she cares for you, how possessive she is about you, her passion towards your goals or how full of life she is.

Interested in knowing under which category your girl falls into so that you can choose something accordingly? Continue reading.

A romantic woman is one who loves watching romantic love stories and even tears up at an emotional scene. She is into anything labeled ‘love’. She loves to care for others and is even the sweetest girl in a group. She often takes up the role of a motherly figure. She is like Gigi Philips from He’s Just Not That into You.

A traditionalist at heart is one who likes to stay true to her roots. She is an admirer of natural beauty and everything raw. She loves concocting scenarios of visiting undiscovered or hidden beaches and her idea of a date is a simple candle light dinner in her own backyard. She desires nothing fancy and despises things that have been molded into something else. She believes everything (be it an object or person) has a purpose to fulfill and it should be kept that way.

A fashionista on the other hand is all about latest styles, upcoming trends and hyped sales and discounts. She is a BIG fan of anything that is on sale. She is all about the new in town and loves to show off her latest accessories, shoes and clothes. She is often the go-to person in the group when someone has a clothing crisis or a breakout emergency. She always has the answers in her bag.

The athlete woman is someone who loves the outdoors. She can always be spotted on her toes and not on her ass. Even if she isn’t working out, she can always be seen marching around the room in a party. She likes things simple and rarely cares about the details as long as it looks good.

The tomboy is usually the woman who can be found in the back of the stable helping a horse give birth. Yes, she is all about tough jobs and getting her hands dirty. She is fearless and hates being considered a weaker gender. When it comes to shopping, she is usually the last one to be picked for advice as her interests are different.

Like a tomboy, a social butterfly too, loves to be on top of her game. She is everyone’s friend and is the first person to go to when interested in the latest gossip. At work she knows everyone’s deepest secrets and fears and that is because she is very approachable and friendly. She loves to flaunt all that is hers, be it her kids or an engagement ring.

The modern thinker is today’s woman. She is all about minimalism. She loves debating about how life is simple and should be kept that way. By the time you are reading this, she is probably cleaning out her wardrobe and resetting with a few main essentials. She isn’t a big fan of details and would prefer a simple solitaire ring as an engagement ring as opposed to a vintage ring with multiple milgrain or filigree accents.

The independent woman is one who has the whole world chasing after her. She always brings her A-game to the table and is all about the many possibilities that can be availed. She doesn’t take no for an answer and is very specific about details as she believes the details are what makes anything unique from the rest. She doesn’t like relying on others and if she has given you a little space in her life, it means that you are one of her most prized priorities.

To ease your search more, we are listing 3 of our most requested styles that perfectly go with the many categories we mentioned above.


This is an elegant piece, perfect for the romantics and traditionalists at heart. It features a 2-carat center diamond in an oval cut with a diamond studded halo and two side stones. They too are encapsulated beautifully into a band of halos that cascade down the middle of the shank.


This one is for the athletes, the fashionistas and the social butterflies. It is bold and visible, just like they are. The ring features a round cut diamond in a square setting with a halo of glittering round diamonds. The shimmering shank makes the diamond shine more and is a modern take on traditional platinum rings.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring – S1389

Lastly, we have the ring for the modern thinkers and the tomboys. Because they are all about simplicity and modernity, this unique ring features a fusion of both. It holds a 1-carat round-cut diamond in the center on an milgrain accented undercarriage with a tapered shank.

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